Poets Reading The News is a new digital publication bridging poetry and journalism. We welcome innovative and insightful poetry and prose submissions that regard contemporary events and themes.

Submission Guidelines

If your writing regards a time-sensitive news event, please write “Breaking” in your subject line.

Please organize submissions into a single Microsoft Office Word document (PDFs are not suitable). Include links to relevant news articles either embedded in your poem or collected as an addendum, and a brief 2-3 sentence biography (look at existing poems on the site for examples). Video and/or audio recordings are strongly encouraged. E-mail submissions to editors@poetsreadingthenews.com.

We try to review and respond to submissions as promptly as possible. At present compensation is not available to contributors.

Please note that by submitting to Poets Reading the News, we will presume a general interest in the publication and add your email to our newsletter.

Thank you for your interest in contributing to Poets Reading The News. We look forward to reading your work!