Welcome to the Poets Reading the News photo challenge! Every week, we share a photograph from recent news coverage and writers have six days to submit an original poem or prose piece inspired by the image. The winning work will be selected for publication on the Poets Reading the News platform and shared with thousands of readers via our newsletter and social media channels. Good luck!



Yep, we’re on a summer break. Your loyal editor Elle Aviv is going to spend some time relaxing in this lovely July weather. We’ll be back with a new photo challenge next week. Stay tuned!



“Moving Money: A Sermon” by Jane Yolen

“Gweilos” – The Poet Mj


“Death by the Numbers” – Mary Turck

“40 Acres and a Tool” – Mernine Ameris

“Ghosts in the Machine” – Chandra Steele

“Exclusion” – Emily Jo Scalzo

“Harvest” – Devon Balwit

“Masters of the Universe” – Alejandro Escudé

“A Day Made of Atoms Like Ours” – Jed Myers