So is this poetry or journalism?

 Yes and yes. Poets Reading the News is a platform for a new genre of writing. These poems are fact-checked, subjectively honest and emotionally powerful. We call it journalism in verse. Our digital platform has highlighted hundreds of stories from international poet-journalists with diverse perspectives on how it feels to live through the political, environmental, and cultural moment. Poets Reading the News processes the machinations of a complex world.


It can help.

How do I get your newsletter?

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Are the poets reacting to the news or reporting it?

Both. We’ve been really proud to feature some incredible original reporting. Take a look, for example, at Thriveni Mysore’s poetry about a lake that caught on fire in her town in India. Or at the many first-person perspectives we publish on hurricanes and wildfires, now common because of climate change. Or at the pieces focused on identity in this asymmetrical world. Or at the obituaries that have affected us deeply and personally.

How did this start?

In Oakland, California, artists and activists are confronting the sharpest edges of our world with extraordinary vulnerability and honesty. Two poets who met at Mills College, Elle Aviv and J, noticed that poetry had incredible power and visibility to play this role, but that there wasn’t a place to harness the creative zeitgeist. So we set out to build it. Poets Reading the News launched in fall of 2016. Learn more here.

I want to submit my work. What is the submissions process?

We look forward to reading your work! We publish non-solicited poetry and prose and have an open call 365 days a year. We are interested in original, innovative, and previously unpublished work by writers from around the world. Please read the submissions guidelines here.

Do you have openings for volunteer editors, designers or media publishers?

Yes! Our assistant poetry editors work closely with the editor-in-chief and managing editor to review and publish breaking poetry from our large volume of general submissions in four-month cycles. We are also home to editorial, media and non-profit fellowships. Sign up for our newsletter to get news of our next open call.

How can I support you?

Read a poem. Share it if you love it. Connect with us on social media – FacebookInstagram, and Twitter. Tell your friends about us. Attend our events. And we love to hear from our readers, so don’t be afraid to send us a line.

We are entirely reader-supported – and it costs real money to make this dream a reality. That’s why the very best way to support Poets Reading the News is to subscribe through our Patreon account or to make a tax-deductible donation with our fiscal sponsor.

What’s next?

Books. Innovative and creative events across the world. Incredible poetry. What’s not next?

More questions?