20264903_10154729790435108_3886673052303138646_nELLE AVIV NEWTON

A poet, editor, art critic and curator, Elle Aviv Newton is a fourth-generation native of Oakland, California where she is writer in residence at B4BEL4B Gallery. Newton has lived in numerous cities around the world including Bangkok where she founded the Krung Thep Poetry Circle. She is coeditor and cofounder of Poets Reading the News. Newton also leads the publication’s editorial art and digital design. Learn more about her on her website.


The child of a journalist, Jenna Spagnolo knew they would be a writer at a young age. Jenna regularly reads their poetry in the San Francisco Bay Area and is one-half of the brains behind Poets Reading the News. Jenna is skilled at connecting people, activating collaboration and strength in others, and is a professional communicator, journalist, and digital marketer for nonprofits.


20264903_10154729790435108_3886673052303138646_nSELENE ROSS
Digital Art + Media Intern

An artist and writer based in Oakland and originally from the Bay Area, Selene lived in artist and activist collectives in Santa Barbara and Berlin and now coordinates the efforts of a Berkeley environmental non-profit. A student of herbal medicine, she is fascinated by the healing power of narrative. She runs a writers’ workshop and a creative non-fiction guild, and is one-half of dream-folk duo Artemisia.

Sound Engineer & Podcast Intern

Kristin McCandless is reading, writing, and living out of a van somewhere. Her love for words and sounds is currently matched by her love for animals, hot food, and friends with driveways. She has an MFA in creative writing from Antioch University of Los Angeles.