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Midnight, November 9th

What we know is the gleam of our bodies together, forgiving the wreck of dark, its deceptions. We have given up watching the advances... …


Someday, My Daughter: A Future Beyond President Trump [VIDEO]

I hope to someday have a daughter. I hope to someday have a daughter who can hold her head high and without fear, walk down a street in whichever country she chooses, in a skirt or pants, heels or flats, night or day and feel confident she is safe. I hope to someday have a daughter who laughs in the… …


Buckle up America! 1 Day Before the 2016 Elections

Strap yourself to a careening piece of metal where inside there is a dull sense of complacency but outside the world peels away and when you catch your face in the mirror you're surprised to see you’re scowling. …

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