We are a digital newspaper
bridging poetry and journalism.
We call it journalism in verse.

Poets Reading the News is a digital platform that publishes original poetry about current events. We believe in the power of poetry to transform the world and how we see each other. We call it journalism in verse.

To date, we’ve published hundreds of original poems and featured poet laureates, award-winning journalists, emergent writers and poetic activists. Our publication provides a space of solace, meaning and complexity to a society overwhelmed by its headlines. We’re out to prove what we know is true: in times of darkness, poetry is essential reading.

This platform wouldn’t exist without your incredible support. We’re entirely community-supported and you are bringing this project to life. That’s why co-founders Elle Aviv Newton and J Spagnolo, this project’s young and ambitious editors, have worked around the clock to transform this idea into a thriving publication with one of the poetry scene’s most passionate and involved audiences. You can support our work directly by becoming a Patron or making a tax-deductible donation.

We are, at heart, a newspaper – the revelation being that our copy is pure verse, produced by a diverse staff of poet-journalists from around the world, spanning disciplines, views, and geographies. What it comes down to is gripping writing about the world around us and in us. We, each of us, are the news – a pivotal part of it. This is an avenue to report on that.

Poets Reading the News also curates a dynamic event series in the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond. We lead writing workshops and readings. We collaborate with artists and performers. We lead talks and community discussions. We regularly appear on nationally-syndicated radio programs, and are preparing to publish our first book. Our newsletter and Facebook is a great way to stay updated. You can learn more about the origin story and philosophy behind Poets Reading the News in this article by Ivoh Magazine, this interview on No Good Poetry podcast, this hour-long special on Project Censored, or this interview on Atlanta’s NPR station.

Poets Reading the News is a 501(c)3 fiscally sponsored non-profit. We are entirely supported by readers and writers that find this work meaningful and essential.