We are a digital newspaper
bridging poetry and journalism.
We call it journalism in verse.

We founded Poets Reading the News because we noticed that poetry about current events was going viral, but there wasn’t a clear home for that work.

We are, at heart, a newspaper – the revelation being that our copy is pure verse, produced by a diverse staff of poet-journalists from around the world, copy-edited according to AP Style Guidelines. We are a non-partisan newspaper, so the viewpoints expressed in our published poetry reflect the beliefs of the poet responsible for each piece, not our publication as a whole. The community of writers on this site spans disciplines, ideologies, and geographies. We publish renowned poets and Pulitzer Prize-winning journalists, street poets and emergent writers.

There is no singular aesthetic we’re searching for, though we’ve coined the term journalism in verse along the way, as a narrow inroads toward defining what we publish. What it comes down to is gripping writing about the world around us and in us – the world we greet at breakfast with fresh headlines, or at night when reflecting on our day’s actions in relation to the wider world. We, each of us, are the news – a pivotal part of it. This is an avenue to report on that.

In addition to publishing, Poets Reading the News hosts a dynamic event series, regularly appear on Project Censored’s nationally-syndicated radio program, and are preparing to publish our first books in early 2018. (Our Facebook is a great way to get updated, by the way, as is our newsletter).

Poets Reading the News was launched in late 2016 by editors Elle Aviv Newton and Jenna Spagnolo in Oakland, California. They met while students at Mills College and reconnected through the Oakland poetry scene just in time to create this poetry journal. They are also each independently active in the San Francisco Bay Area creative scene. We recommend that you read more about the origin story of Poets Reading the News in this fantastic article by Ivoh Magazine.

Poets Reading the News is a 501(c)3 fiscally sponsored non-profit. We are entirely supported by readers and writers that find this work meaningful and essential! Learn more here.