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Self Portrait As A Snowman by Jeffrey Cyphers Wright

Self Portrait As A Snowman

I smile. I sing. I babysit. My words bolster the weak. To the lost, I point the way. To the infirm I tell jokes like the one about the albino polar bear who walks into a bar. The bartender says, “What’ll it be, Redeye?” For this am I honored and for honor we live. Another… Keep Reading


Locker Room

Who haunts the ghost? Who walks the dog? Who mocks the turtle? Who listens to a log?   Live by the penis, etc. Shivering in Utopia. Slow smoking October sky. Pave the road with lyres.   Orpheus sleeping with one eye weeping. Who would trap a fowl? A special suckerfice.   Anyway, I love you.… Keep Reading

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