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Self Portrait As A Snowman by Jeffrey Cyphers Wright

Self Portrait As A Snowman

I smile. I sing. I babysit. My words bolster the weak. To the lost, I point the way. To the infirm I tell jokes like the one about the albino polar bear who walks into a bar. The bartender says, “What’ll it be, Redeye?” For this am I honored and for honor we live. Another…


Locker Room

Who haunts the ghost? Who walks the dog? Who mocks the turtle? Who listens to a log?   Live by the penis, etc. Shivering in Utopia. Slow smoking October sky. Pave the road with lyres.   Orpheus sleeping with one eye weeping. Who would trap a fowl? A special suckerfice.   Anyway, I love you.…


EDITORS Elle Aviv Newton is a poet, editor, art critic and journalist. She is a fourth-generation native of Oakland, California where she is writer-in-residence at B4BEL4B Gallery. Newton holds degrees in art history and history from Mills College and has lived in numerous cities around the world including Bangkok where she founded the Krung Thep Poetry Circle. Jenna Spagnolo is…

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