Journalism in Verse – EST. 2016

cherry stems tied in a heart shape


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apple, ass, anchor,
bitch, blonde, bombshell, beauty, babe, baby, blossom, bug, bird, bubblehead,
child, chick, creampuff, cherry, cookie, cock tease, cunt,
darling, dear, dog, daddy’s girl, dirty girl, demon, divorcée, dangerous, drug,
evil, exotic, everything,
fix, fling, flower, femme fatale, floozy, fox, fondle, fuck
girl, goddess, gift, gal,
heart, heartache, headache, hottie, honey, honeybee, heaven, hard-on, hellcat,
ice queen,
jewel, juice, joy, joke, jam,
kittycat, kid, kiss,
lady, lazy, loose, love, lover,
mistress, maid, momma, mother, Madonna, mouth, mink,
narcotic, nurse, nutcase,
oyster, oh baby,
pearl, prick tease, plump, pin-up, prostitute, prize, pushy
queen, quest,
royal pain in the ass, rape bait, raw, romp,
sexy, skirt, shag, screw, smooch, smokin’, spank, sport, sugar, sweetheart,
tits, tart, tease, temptation, trifle, tail, thing,
vagina, valentine, virgin, vow, vixen,
whore, woozy, woman, womb, wet, wild thing,
x as in x-rated, x-ray, my fuckin’ ex,



Heidi Seaborn is author of 2020 PANK Book Award winner An Insomniac’s Slumber Party with Marilyn Monroe, the acclaimed debut Give a Girl Chaos and Comstock Chapbook 2020 Prize-winning Bite Marks. Heidi is Executive Editor of The Adroit Journal.

Photo by T.Q.


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