Journalism in Verse – EST. 2016

A silhouette with long curly hair raises a fist in the sunlight.


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Let it be a vivid colour
like the gaucho’s serenero
if not the milk white
of a newborn’s muslin.
Let it be worn about the wrist,
tied at the chin,
painted on faces
and plazas.
Let it speak to others
agitando as in the zamba’s revoleo.
Let it take courage
from a referendum
on Día de la Revolución,
the red carnations of Galatasaray.



Sophie Segura was born in Ireland and lives between Buenos Aires and Madrid. Her poetry has been published in Magma, The Rumpus, American Poetry Journal and elsewhere. Other writing, under the name Sophie Parker, has featured in The Irish Times and Time Out Buenos Aires.

Photo by Miguel Bruna.


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