Journalism in Verse – EST. 2016



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In Saturn’s tuxedo the brigand night swaggers.
I have my marching orders. Ten Hut!
Send A Hug North Pole Cafe Mug
Burgundy and Beef Wellington at Maddie’s.
Mincemeat and quince. Barbara Stanwyck
claiming, “I’ll never be alone again.”

Hallaleujah, Jah, and all through the house,
silence sips crystal dust through a straw.
Nutcrackers from the South date snow angels
from Hell’s Kitchen to the Lower East Side.
Mazeltoffy to us all and to all a new start
with old friends and parrots of the wise.

May mistletoe guide and love true provide.
Jolly Roger and Christmas Star. For you, I rise.



Jeffrey Cyphers Wright is a publisher, critic, eco-activist, and artist, but is best known as a poet. Spuyten Duyvil recently published his 12th book Triple Crown, Sonnets. Wright produces literary events in conjunction with his publication Live Mag!

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