Journalism in Verse – EST. 2016

A sun-drenched image of the Reflecting Pool and the National Monument in Washington, DC

The Reflecting Pool in Washington, DC

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You know how it is, the way we do laps,
we all defect
to the deep end we pushed off from; would
it surprise you

if our grandparents had been told
to do the same
back when we may have had even more
ferment and rain

than buffets us now? As it happens, the swamp
we were to drain
depends upon a pool that’s lost its

to reflect; was it this way
before you and I swam ashore?

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Recent work by Bruce Robinson appears or is forthcoming in Seventh Quarry, Pangyrus, Résonance, The Menteur, Main Street Rag, Connecticut River Review, Maintenant, Evening Street Review, and Shot Glass.

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