Journalism in Verse – EST. 2016

Nonsense Hotlinen


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Languishing in the Department of Anguish

Tuesday spins, tipsy on its tilted axis

Trump Stumps in Battleground States

Blessed are the hungry, for they feed truth

Black beans with epazote and beet greens

Dream I cut into the buffet line

Free Leonard Peltier Day

Squatters’ Rights Day

Spoiler Alert vs Trigger Warming

Shelf life of a burning heart

Alphabet soup on afternoon’s mustache

Trap your inner sun, earth links

Fog wraps silver rags around time’s neck

The rest of us surging to bumrush the clock



Jeffrey Cyphers Wright is a publisher, critic, eco-activist, and artist, but is best known as a poet. Spuyten Duyvil recently published his 12th book Triple Crown, Sonnets. Wright produces literary events in conjunction with his publication Live Mag!

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