Journalism in Verse – EST. 2016

A photo of a bleach cleaning wipe.

Bleach Cake

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“Let them eat bleach”
is the traditional translation
of the phrase “very powerful
light” supposedly spoken sarcastically
on a Thursday in April
by “a great king” upon learning
that the peasants had no adequate

This phrase is more accurately
translated as “Who cares about
science?” As the original phrase
contains no mention of hope.

In Latin, corona means
“crown” or “wreath.”

Research and facts were considered
at the time by many to be forms
of unnecessary witchcraft.

The quotation in context would thus
reflect either the king’s disregard
for the peasants or his poor understanding
of their situation if not both.

See also: “Let them inject disinfectants.”



Kurt Cole Eidsvig is an artist and writer from Key West. A graduate of the MFA program at the University of Montana, he has won awards from The Massachusetts Cultural Council and The Warhol Foundation / Creative Capital.

Photo by Kelly Sikkema.


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