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I’m Not Certain if Quarantine is a Game of Chance or a Singles Dance, Either Way I’m In

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I could swan dive off a high
board into this quarantine,
swim all day in hand sanitizer
before coming up for warning.
Don’t breathe.
Dizzy, I will charm the nurses
out of their rubber gloves,
cleanse the legs off strangers.
They must stay put after all.
The threat of fruit trees in blossom,
daffodils & hyacinth. Remember Eden
& so, the exodus to domicile it is.
Let us grow fat on GrubHub &
indulgent on online games & gossip.
Every cranny has been bleached
of color & still I scrub each eyelash.
My daughter is crying, her job
diseased. I tell her to take 2
glasses of wine & call me
in the morning when the market
is up a tic or a tac but really my
heart’s a fob with a drained
battery these days. If I could,
I’d cardigan her. We’d sit by
the electric hearth of Netflix
& architect cocktail parties
on cruise ships, tea lights
smiling across far away seas,
crowds chiming conversation.
We’d lick our sticky fingers,
honor the five-second rule,
kiss whoever we please.
We’d exhale.



A frequent PRTN contributor, Heidi Seaborn is Editorial Director of The Adroit Journal and author of Give a Girl Chaos. Since 2016, Heidi’s won or been shortlisted for over two dozen awards and her poetry has been widely published. She’s an NYU MFA candidate.


Why outbreaks like coronavirus spread exponentially, and how to “flatten the curve”
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