Journalism in Verse – EST. 2016

Pictures from Australia by Gregory Wolff | Photo by Fábio Hanashiro on Unsplash | Poets Reading the News

Pictures from Australia

in Environment by

So many things go by unnoticed

like the town you said you were flying to,

and the photographs you sent—

a koala resting warily in the darkened crook

of a low, flesh-colored tree

a velvet kangaroo wilting

behind a tuft of dying grass

that was just too small

to hide her. Her little joey

standing sweetly in the crushing glow

of the yellowing plain

When the island burnt

and the fractured sea of eucalyptus oil gathered inside

countless trunks flamed like twisted candles

I rediscovered these pictures I’d barely seen.

And how dear and otherworldly they were,

gleaming like epitaphs of sculpted marble,

like bottles cast out to sea.

like bright, unfolding bridges

that never find the shore


Gregory Wolff is an almost-PhD in philosophy turned organic farmer, writer of fiction, poetry and children’s literature, and very proud father of two enchanted and half-wild children.

Photograph by BLMIdaho.


Kangaroo Island bushfires: grave fears for unique wildlife after estimated 25,000 koalas killed
[The Guardian]

Australia’s fires are burning through a key part of its economy — tourism
[Los Angeles Times]

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