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What is an emergency if not
the same earth falling away
each time
no home is bullet proof
no child forgets
you must know this is not a time
for myth or mercy
but flood
not everything can heal itself
Freud says the first game children play
I learn fort means here
you can visit Fort Worth
JFK gave his last speech there
the same day he died
you can visit his memorial there
tripadvisor ranks it #16 of 132 things to do in Fort Worth
what will there be for Atatiana?
imagine her home becoming a Jefferson Memorial
there are many types of forts
a castle
a house
a blanket
what kind of fort is so porous it cannot hold a woman and child
Fort Worth prints sixty percent of the country’s paper money
I think they are trying to tell us something about worth
but all I see is a wound spreading
sometimes fort means gone



Erin Mizrahi is a New York-based poet and educator. She is the host of Cobra Milk, a monthly reading series that features emerging and established writers. She teaches English at Hunter College and is currently writing about the desert.


Community mourns Fort Worth police shooting victim Atatiana Jefferson at funeral
[Forth Worth Star Telegram]

Father of Atatiana Jefferson, the woman killed by Fort Worth officer, dies
[Dallas News]

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