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tectonic plate
float on
Through the Looking Glass sensation

mirror where everything is backwards
foliage of trees combusting
surreal jousting, with

this environment, flaming

coming across a Koala
paws singed
from walking on asphalt

splintered light
commonly known as sunbeams

milieu lying
tour-de-force tsunamis
glaciers on diets

chemical species

to eat the carbon atom
calorie carbs

enshrouded, elongated tinpot
vicissitude raptor
vultures in the oval office

the crocodile frowned down
raptor, licentiousness veered
like the mantle

intrusive igneous rock, raptor like a
peridotite or platypus
has hot spot plume

crocodile’s influx of crustal words
is hoping to affect the core

earth’s seismic activity occurs at these boundaries
tectonic plates

the wanting for the earth’s crust to erupt
like the platypus surfacing for air.


Melinda Jane, The Poet Mj, the author of the poetry book ‘Nature’s Nuptials’ and the children’s book ‘The Currawong and the Owl’. Forty two written works published in international anthologies and literature journals. Nominated for Best of the Net in 2019.

Photo by Sarah Wardlaw.


Fate of Australia koala uncertain as bushfires ravage country

Australia wasted decades in climate denial – and must break free of the mire of disinformation
[The Guardian]

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