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Precedent 45

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it wasn’t his tax evasion
deprecations or
it wasn’t his
fabrication of
it didn’t result
from Bob’s report
or violations of
it wasn’t his
resorts employing
workers without
it wasn’t public
mockery of his
rape victims
or teens
it wasn’t his
hateful speech
or racist leans
it wasn’t constant
blackmail or
his incessant threats
of retribution
it wasn’t his
direct neglects
of our nation’s
it wasn’t his
or instructions:
‘break the law’
it wasn’t that lying
under oath
that impeached the man
from Arkansas
it wasn’t his
imprisoned lawyer
nor his jailed
campaign chairman
it wasn’t profits
flying in
from foreign donors
and our airmen
it wasn’t his
casinos or
his pricey pornpal
it wasn’t his devious deals
health repeals or
it wasn’t charges
of defilement
or his assault on human
it wasn’t preferential
of empowered
wealthy whites
it wasn’t his
internment camps
or online rants
for terrorism
it wasn’t the threats
to dispossess his
staffers opposing
it wasn’t diversions
of FEMA funding
to rebuild his border wall
it wasn’t his subversions
or perversion by
disordered drawl
it wasn’t press
or his poor temperament
facing accusals
but a fruitful phone call
building a case
for the con man’s swift


Poet’s Note

When it was announced that the House of Representatives was opening an impeachment inquiry, it was the first bit of hope I had felt since the midterm elections last fall. The very fact that this process has officially begun and that it is gaining momentum and support nationwide is perhaps as important as the ultimate decision itself, and although it is not a criminal process, it may very well lead to one in the future.


Rémy Dambron‘s poetry has appeared in What Rough Beast, New Verse News, Poets Reading the News and Writer’s Resist. His work focuses largely on denouncing political corruption and advocating for social justice.


Nancy Pelosi Announces Trump’s Impeachment Inquiry

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