Journalism in Verse – EST. 2016


Whose Father?

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Whose father was he,
who had no children,
but a country,
built by thousands of slaves.
Whose house lay in a valley
forged by lies.
Who had a black baker
who made him
a birthday cake
days before running away.
Whose wife seemed
incapable of smiling
through the grimace of her life.
Who won wars
but not friends.
Whose smile was wooden.
Whose myth made of art
of stars and stripes.
Who never kissed a child,
put him to bed,
dandled her on his knee.
Who conned a country
into believing him
a better man
than the one
behind the curtain
he called his heart.



Jane Yolen has published over 378 books including 10 books of poems, children’s books, novels and nonfiction. She has received six honorary doctorates. She has won two Nebula Awards, three Mythopoeic Awards, two Christopher Medals, and two Storytelling Awards.


This Artist Painted the Black Radical Response to the George Washington Slaveholder Murals. Here’s Why He Stands Against Destroying Them.

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