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We’re Not Showing Up For School Because You’re Not Showing Up For Our Future

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The Lorax was right—
               our house is on fire.

What will we do? 100 corporations
               produce 70% of emissions.

We can’t drink oil.
               We can’t breathe money.

There is no Planet B.
               The world is not

a commodity. A species set
               on endless growth is

unsustainable. Listen
               to the scientists,

time is running out.
               Act like you live here.

The climate is changing—will
               we? If you’re waiting for a sign

this is it.

This is a found poem made of phrases from protest signs at the Climate Strike March in Washington D.C. on Friday, September 20th.


A native Virginian, Emily Montgomery currently reads and writes on her shaded side patio in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, where she is an MFA candidate. She loves old trees and big mountains. She believes strongly in fighting climate change.

Photo of the Climate Strike protests on 20 September 2019 by Julian Meehan.


Friday’s global strike was likely the largest climate rally ever
[USA Today]

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