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Shame the Laugher

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Whodathunk? Today
we saw a white deer (odds: one
in thirty thousand)—

and also cows and
Jeffrey Epstein memes and a
broken Buddha. Junk

is what this country
loves. Junk and shotguns. White beer
and whiter gods. Plus

blameless distraction
(Epstein on my screen) and streams
of actual blood.


It’s night here now in
the Hudson Valley: clouds swim
low. A life of so-

called sober virtue
doesn’t preclude a drunk fare-
well. Take it from Trump:

Jeff was a good hang!
“Terrific guy. He’s a lot
of fun to be with.

It’s even said that
he likes beautiful women
as much as I do.”


Here’s how to tell a
joke: weave in a bit of word-
play. Include a monk.

Say “I’ve got your [fill
in the blank] right here, mister.”
Then shame the laugher.

Shame the whole half-gone
country. Fetishists of mud,
of manacles, of

misremembered might,
shame them, shame us, shame us all.
In sum: Not a fan.



Cody Walker’s most recent poetry collection, The Trumpiad, was published by Waywiser in 2017. (The book doubles as an ACLU fundraiser.) He’s also the author of two earlier collections: The Self-Styled No-Child (Waywiser, 2016) and Shuffle and Breakdown (Waywiser, 2008). He lives in Ann Arbor.


Despite having praised Epstein, Trump now says he ‘wasn’t a fan’

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