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The Artificial Policeman [AUDIO]

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the [subject] was a woman
[I] found her face in a field of vision
caught in a crowd [red beret]
and [yellow scarf] she had a record
of delusional thinking [I] was
following her movements
[an enemy of the people]
[I] called in a mechanical
sparrow [brushed nickel beak]
taut titanium eyes the [subject]
spotted the [bird] tried
to melt back into the street
[I] called up her [accessory list]
she was reported to have
a [butterfly pin] attached
to her hat [I] homed in [triggered]
the metallic insect’s antennae
to drill an imperceptible hole
through her [upper cranium shell]
she fell down outside the bullet
train station [I] summoned the guards
[a history removal team] moved in
to insure complete consistency
all bystanders were interviewed
[nothing happened] all phones
were updated [I] cleaned up my
video using another woman’s
face [she] walked into the station
[I] logged my timesheet satisfied
the train was [safe]



Henry Crawford is a poet whose work has appeared in several journals and online publications. His first collection of poetry, American Software, was published in 2017 by CW Books.

Photo by Lianhao Qu.


Google Continues Investments in Military and Police AI Technology Through Venture Firm Capitalism
[The Intercept]

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