Journalism in Verse – EST. 2016



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The routine din of public transport rolled past
After the Special Prosecutor gave
Button down testimony that quavered not
From fear but the gravity of the breach to the invisible

Barriers that protected our democratic borders before
The Information Age, the one Walter Cronkite
Voiced at Epcot would change our world,
Expanding and contracting,

With the bi-polar imperatives of access vs.
Invasion, exploiting the wary and unwary alike
As Mueller warned that in this new age
Propaganda sprouts not just from bullhorns

And podiums but from cellphones and laptops
With comical GIFs and STIGs, carefully branded
Like cars and tattoos that purport to define you
Here carefully marketed in Russia, adopted in US

And ‘leaked’ like the cash that unexpectedly appears
In an Amazon box without a return address.
Laughter bellows from and back to screens
During the routine din of the day

That laughter just bellows.



Michel Krug is a Johns Hopkins Writing Seminars and University of Minnesota Law School grad. He writes poetry and literary fiction and practices law. His poems have appeared in PRTN, Door Is A Jar, Tuck Magazine, The Raven’s Perch, Poetry24, Main Street Rag, Brooklyn Review.

Photo by Jared Rodriguez.


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