Journalism in Verse – EST. 2016


Radiation Filtered

in Europe/World by

31 dead that April
but history adjusts with exposure.
A parody of reach for Pripyat,
simple organic matter,
inorganic metrics,
paid posts in patronization

as sepia seeps contamination
through VSCO tinged
lens to turn shadows

a green shade all-Roswell.
Manufactured sympathy
and highlighted split tones

of surprise and disgust are
served as lunch out of rusted
Canteens. A mimicry of workers

who ran too slowly so
acid rain caught up
and explode as hashtags

across the screen.
Up the white balance to
vignette the scene

of tipped chairs to
abandoned lives.
Buy canned air

or fridge magnets
and pocket rubble.
In memorium, you:

Saturate because you can’t save
Post because you can’t protect
Like because you appropriate
Comment on a tragedy as



Lauren T. Davila is a writer currently obtaining her MFA in Fiction from George Mason University. She received her BAs in English and Creative Writing from Pepperdine University. While jetsetting between Los Angeles and Washington DC, find her writing at coffee shops or the beach.

Photo of Chernobyl by Yves Alarie.


‘Chernobyl’ producer calls on tourists to respect ‘terrible tragedy’ when taking photos
[CNN Travel]

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