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Alphabet Soup

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cocktail culture
glitters genteel philosophies
zonal patches, crowds sway
bolstered by sparkling ale

fantastical fabrications
xenon, minuscule fragments
tracing air
wi-fi words hurdle

liberation struggles
elegant strapless dresses
as do bats
hang on curving caverns

inclinations bubble
jangle, jumble victimhoods
new vogues, with heels

rogue identity grouplets
vapour, splinter pairs
deers in headlights
yields, collisions of dogma

kebab nibbles, vegetarian
overtly whites, criminating privilege
umbrage taken, environment left
quip ‘Koala Bears extinct’
dark comedy of remembrance



The Poet Mj Lives in Mel’s Wonderland under the southern cross and gum trees of an Island that floats down under some call Australia. A place which gives space within and upon this wide brown land of floods, droughts, fires and beasts that hop. Hopping is a must here as many stand on one leg. Mj performs the spoken word at festivals, fringe, art galleries and small gatherings. A writer of published children’s books, prose, play, short stories, poetry and song lyrics.

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