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Koala Bears

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Koala Bear, years rivulets

haunt Bunyip Bluegum of

the page, like ‘Do Androids Dream of

Electric Sheep?’ shove


anthropomorphic animals

into paged minds, extinct

critters of yesterday years, for

wind-ups as indistinct.



Melinda Jane, known as The Poet Mj, is living in Mel’s Wonderland under the southern cross and gum trees of an Island that floats down under some call Australia. A place which gives space within and upon this wide brown land of floods, droughts, fires and beasts that hop. Hopping is a must here as many stand on one leg. Mj performs the spoken word at festivals, fringe, art galleries and small gatherings. A writer of published children’s books, prose, play, short stories, poetry and song lyrics.

Image from Norman Lindsay’s The Magic Pudding (1918).


Climate change leaving koalas high and dry
[The Junction]

Threats to the Koala
[Australia Koala Foundation]

The Magic Pudding

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