Journalism in Verse – EST. 2016


Whom Do I Address?

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The regional tongue
pierced with weather
natural world cleared
burning pikes of towers
like the Tower of Babel
native animals skitter
like the Koala Bears

Brutus A-types
Caesars of the tractor, reap
reel bovine mouths
milking, mooing to slaughter

Gems raped
Leviathan style
coffee colour dirt
diet duets national feeds

Golden heads sway
in belts
pealing whispers
of the Australian top soil

Are you tough enough
petals of the English rose?
Blush burnt under sneering rays
dreaming, soft dewy aqua light
adulating, lush fields cobbled
pined with hedge rows
thickets, oak streaming leaves

Back, tough, rough Conqueror
bushfires, flooded ranges
times of plenty herald
lingering waits

Whom Australia do I address?




Melinda Jane, known as The Poet Mj, is living in Mel’s Wonderland under the southern cross and gum trees of an Island that floats down under some call Australia. A place which gives space within and upon this wide brown land of floods, droughts, fires and beasts that hop. Hopping is a must here as many stand on one leg. Mj performs the spoken word at festivals, fringe, art galleries and small gatherings. A writer of published children’s books, prose, play, short stories, poetry and song lyrics.

Photo by Joey Csunyo.

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