Silver Fern for Lilacs

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key takeaway– less is the new more,
more of the new less sitting on the floor.

takeaway key– oceans are greening
the loss of blueness in the time of lilacs

…and preening.

beautiful Sydney in solidarity
projects the silver fern on her opera house.

power wears the mask of tragedy!
kiwis show us the path attached to the land

as the white underside reflects the moonlight
mixed in hardy arms of the lilac Lady Nugent,

her haunting scent of cuttings from native tumult.
Ardern renders to the Garden of Eden, dons a hajib.

variant cry forest of Arden, praise the Enoch Arden
divorcing from guns of destructions –of beautiful cities

…a first love

naming every victim. cast out campaign of Dardanelles,
speak not twisted manifesto names, repeat not Gallipoli out loud

just embrace the national consciousness of ANZAC yearlong,
silver fern for lilacs…forever living in the land of the long white cloud.



M. T. Whitington has southern roots. Born in Pleasant Hill, Mississippi, the south pulls on her soul roaming earth a force majeure. Like other southern writers, she blazed a trail through Los Angeles and after UCLA worked in the film industry and journalism. A poetess with a passion for rhythm and wisdom producing unique experimental tone, she embraces form a futurist focusing on science, technology, nature, and philosophy; polemicist technomad ruminating between lines with extreme unction and a clarion call.

Photo by Rowan Heuvel.


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