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In Which I Collect Names After the Mueller Report is Released

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Why aren’t all books about trees? – Richard Powers

Penstemon / Dark Towers beardtongue
Hepatacodium miconioides / Seven-son-flower honeysuckle
Pinus attenuate / Knobcone pine
Pinus strobus contorta / Eastern white pine

Gingko biloba / Maidenhair tree
Tilia euchlora / Crimean linden
Nyssa sylvatica / Weeping black tupelo
Morus alba pendula / Weeping white mulberry

Malus adams / Flowering crabapple
Lactuca Sativa / Flashy trout back
Ilex glabra / Inkberry
Acer griseum / Paperbark maple



*These are names of various trees that are part of the New York Botanical Garden collection.


Pamela Hart is author of the award-winning collection, Mothers Over Nangarhar, published by Sarabande Books. She is writer-in-residence at the Katonah Museum of Art. She received the Brian Turner Literary Arts Prize in poetry in 2016. She was awarded a National Endowment for the Arts poetry fellowship. Toadlily Press published her chapbook, The End of the Body. She is poetry editor for the Afghan Women’s Writing Project and for As You Were: The Military Review.

Photo of the Mueller report.


Read and search the full Mueller report

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