I Know More About Drones Than Anybody

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The neighbor kid has one and I’ve studied it.
I really have. Right from my living room window.
Up close and personal. There’s no expert like me.
I know more about drones than even the president
Who knows more about drones than anybody else.
Except me. Trust me. I went to grad school
In philosophy where I met a lot of drones.

“Having drones and various other forms of sensors,
They’re all fine, but they’re not gonna stop the problems
That this country has,” the president said. And he should know,
Being the number-one problem this country has.
I should know. There’s no one who knows what a problem
He is more than me. I’d take that drone patrolling
Hazel Street over that president any day. Trust me.
I’m an expert on this.

Have you ever looked the word drone up: hanger-on, parasite,
Leech, passenger, bottom feeder; idler, loafer, layabout, good-for-nothing,
Do-nothing; informal:  lazybones, scrounger, sponger, freeloader, slacker.
Sounds right, doesn’t it? The president should know.
He’s an expert after all.



The foremost experts on various topics according to Trump, most of whom are Trump [The Washington Post]

Yvonne Daley is a career journalist who returned to poetry for sanity in these troubled times. She lives in Vermont, still a sane place.