Screenshot_2018-12-15 Raw Images Multimedia – NASA's InSight Mars Lander

Seven Minutes of Terror

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(for Christian Bök)

the landing signal
was relayed
the best of NASDAQ is yet to come
and it is coming soon
as a testament
TV deals are always in abundance
please bear with us
to the moon and later to Mars
biochemical constraints
as we prepare to send astronauts
top 15 best buy deals including iPhone and Galaxy
two-year mission to study the deep interior
seven-months and 300-million-miles
we will continue to update this list
nanoscopic biological emissaries
Mars has just received its newest robotic resident
NASDAQ team members rejoice
deals tend to flow in and out of availability
it’s time to get defensive
NASDAQ on the surface of mars
as midday markets update
following a successful touchdown
digital sales show major growth
cyber monday set to become record online shopping day
word germs advisory intelligence
overlapping territories
NASDAQ mission team members
everyone is obsessing over
population eases to botanical products
eighth time in human history
10 amazing cyber monday deals
what an accomplishment
incorporated breakthrough
NASDAQ CEO on the new space race
legions of small, cheap envoys
toys, electronics among top sellers
briefcase-sized, experimental spacecraft
relayed data and images
short verse into a sequence
land this cheap energy stock
as cyber monday is set to break
NASDAQ’s new home
a farewell image of Mars
preserved for later recovery
here are the best of them
and that means deals, deals, deals
we are NASDAQ exposing the germ
with millennial conditions
we are going undamaged and unaltered
we’re preparing to go beyond, to Mars
cyber monday is upon us
STEP 4: “Literary Genetics”
STEP 3: Check out the 5 most popular cyber monday deals that sold out before it started
STEP 2: See how others reacted by taking a look at this
STEP 1: Reply with a GIF or photo of your reaction
imaginary solutions?
what was your reaction?
harmless parasite?
a data confirmation?
a hybrid fusion of science and?
have you ever seen a spacecraft spread its solar wings?
what alien words might subsist?
what time does cyber monday start and end?
a mixed reality training platform
a chemical alphabet
the word is now a virus
kudos comes in from NASDAQ
reconsiders goosebumps
watermarked discourse
market close report
aesthetic potential felt around (and off) the world
deals you don’t want to miss
marshquakes on cyber monday



Christian Bök: Genetically Engineered Poetry [MIT]
NASA’s InSight Mars Lander ‘Hears’ Martian Wind, A Cosmic First [Space]

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