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The Cuckoo’s Holiday

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St. Brigid’s bell rings on Avenue B.
Holly waves hello from a garden.
“Winter’s Dream” by Tchaikovsky plays.
Time’s wingéd chariot races ahead
like the National Debt.
All I can say is CUCKOO!
’Tis the season to forgo regret
and pile love around the pilings.
Tangerines in handknit stockings.
Chocolate covered cherries for Dad.
White lace for Mom’s dresser.
Let’s get lost at my place
and count every pregnant hour.
Calling all angels—stand and deliver.


Jeffrey Cyphers Wright is a publisher, critic, eco-activist, artist, and impresario, who is best known as a poet. He is the author of 16 books of verse, including Blue Lyre from Dos Madres Press, and Fake Lies from Fell Swoop. He received an MFA in Poetry from Brooklyn College where he studied with Allen Ginsberg and also taught. Currently, Wright stages events at KGB Lit Bar, Howl Happening, and La MaMa ETC in NYC, in conjunction with his art and poetry journal, Live Mag! He is a regular contributor to American Book Review and ArtNexus. He is a Kathy Acker Award recipient and Puschcart Prize nominee for 2018.

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