in MeToo by

I am not
a swing
to be pushed and pulled.

I am not
jungle gym bars
for your hands to grope.

I am not
a slide
for your ass to caress.

I am not
a sandbox
for you to plunge into.

I am not
a merry-go-round
to be spun
in your direction
at your direction.


Robin Wright lives in Southern Indiana. Her work has appeared in or is forthcoming in Rue Scribe, Panopoly, The Literary Nest, Rune Bear, Another Way Round, Ariel Chart, Bindweed Magazine, Muddy River Poetry Review, Indiana Voice Journal, Peacock Journal, and others. Two of her poems were published in the University of Southern Indiana’s 50th anniversary anthology, Time Present, Time Past. She was a finalist in Poetry Matters’ contest for the Spring Robinson/Mahogany Red Literary Prize.