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with Mullen and Limon

just as I am I come

a wild beast’s fur  I come
come fox  come wolf  come
fortunate one  why these blues
come from us   we all come
from doldrums   did he come
sober did he cover her mouth
in a manner unbecoming
to justice did he come in first
come first served   did he refuse
to come clean   scrub this bum star
collide with truth  collude some
news   fake muse   lemon come
melon come   melania come
on   just us girls here in the room
income   outcome   how come
come close   closer   come here   come
home   say tomorrow doesn’t
come on down  the price is  gold comb-
over  don’t wear out your welcome
mat   honeycomb cereal   come
here honey   surreal I am am I   come
back to the coop you flew   summa
cum  dotcom  romcom  dog is gonna
have his day in court all kingdoms come
to an end   even this one   and come
november  remember remember   the fox
is loose  and chickens will come home
to roost off with their heads  all the king’s
horses pony up  y’all even kumquats
can make a comeback but oranges aren’t
the only fruit   come often   come
early  the ice man cometh  give ‘em
their due  they won’t see this coming
I promise you  come out come out
wherever you are  a change is gonna come


Kim Harvey is a San Francisco Bay Area poet and a reader for Palette Poetry. She is an alumni of the Squaw Valley Community of Writers. Her work has appeared in Rattle, The Comstock Review, 3Elements Review, and Raw Art Review. She was awarded 2nd Prize in the 2017 Muriel Craft Bailey Poetry Contest judged by Ellen Bass and Special Merit in the 2018 contest.

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