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The senator lies in state,
and I lend one ear
to the eulogies,
the flood of words,
as my restless hands
seek dirty pans in the sink.
I scrub, water
pulsing with the words.
I power through the pans,
lean into the sink,
bend to a new task,
scouring pitted walls
in a rush of water, words.
I lift my head to Obama’s
final words, wake to water,
tears, and a shock
of porcelain rinsed clean
as this new day, “one
in all the days that will
ever be,” one on which
all others will depend.


Read Barack  Obama’s Eulogy for John McCain [New York Times]
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The charade of ‘bipartisanship’ at John McCain’s Funeral [Boston Globe]

Lynn M. Knapp is a poet, memoirist, musician, and teacher. She is the author of Giving Ground (2017), a book of poetry celebrating her Spanish-speaking neighborhood. The grit, grime, and unexpected beauty of the central city inspire her life and her writing. Her poem Crossing has been nominated for a Pushcart Prize: Best of Small Press Awards, for poetry published in 2017.

Image of John McCain’s funeral service by Nathan Burke.

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