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Perp Walk

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Plainclothes police link arms with Harvey,
hands in cuffs behind his back.
Arm in arm, for a moment,
Steadying the bewildered predator.

Cameras flash, comments hurl.
Pasty in sky blue sweater,
he smirks at first.
He thinks he’s a charming, naughty boy.
No, this is not the red carpet.

Dazed in the dock.
Is he on something? Xanax, Klonopin, Ativan?
Judge reads charges.
“Two violent B felonies
for two forcible sexual assaults,
against two different women.”

“If you violate any of the conditions in the order of protection
you are subject to arrest.
Do you understand that?”

His face a mask.
His life
a non-disclosure agreement
with himself.



Harvey Weinstein facing new allegations of sex trafficking [CNN]
Video shows Harvey Weinstein behaving inappropriately with businesswoman [Sky News]

San Francisco psychoanalyst Mary Brady came to poetry after the death of her husband. Her poem, After-Stroke was recently published in The Moth. She has published two non-fiction books: The Body in Adolescence: Psychic Isolation and Physical Symptoms, and Analytic Engagements with Adolescents: Sex, Gender and Subversion, both with Routledge.

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