Journalism in Verse – EST. 2016


Knight of Swords [AUDIO]

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for the survivors of those abused by priests

the tarot dies not suffering
a too-long halo burn
with a sigh and groan is crucified

post-modern catholic church
refuses the card—inverted—suspends itself
by death it manipulates corporal punishment
not suffering
that tau cross of silver extermination
no interpreter needed throw him into the sea

great work of punishment at the head of man
the horse god of post-modern catholicism
looks to the tarot and swallows the first pill
the priest offers not suffering



Hear abuse victims’ messages for the Pope [CNN]
Vatican reinstated abusive priest, expressed ‘gratitude’ to another, Pa. report says [York Daily Record]

Joseph M. Gerace is a multidisciplinary artist and professional journalist. His work can be found at and has appeared in SPAM zine, fluland, toypoems and elsewhere. His writing explores the intersection of folk art, technology and the outer limits of communication. He lives in New Jersey.

Photo by Nacho Arteaga.

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