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1000 Victims… So Far

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The shock and awe of more dark revelation
From those in vestments black and collars white,
Should have no statute or no limitation
On retribution righting victims’ plight.
Apologies are meaningless to those
Who suffered while their innocence was robbed
And signed away their will to dare expose
While evil so incarnate weaved and bobbed.
No truthful mea culpas from the altar
Of predatory priests or those on high,
Archbishops’ flimsy morals only falter
Despite their “come to Jesus” drawing nigh.
Too late the warning to avoid this mania
For Catholic children raised in Pennsylvania.



Report details abuse by more than 300 priests in Pennsylvania’s Catholic Church [CNN]
‘Really sick, abusive stories’: 40 Pennsylvania priests confessed their crimes; little was done afterward [USA Today]

Penny Peyser is a writer/actress/documentary filmmaker living in Los Angeles. She is a winner in the 2018 Maria W. Faust Sonnet Contest and has been published in “Chantwood Magazine”, “White Ash Literary Review”, “Defenestration” and “Blood & Bourbon” among others.

Photo by Rachel Wood.

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