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Milk and Sugar

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One nation corners other nations
in the dark hallways, away from level
fields of play, away from very good
intentions; out of earshot of the mothers
of the world who should not hear
that product saturation is valued more
than a “normative standard” and bonding.

A bull on the block, a cock walking, decides
which nations shall receive monetary favor:
‘Coin love, silver dollar areola. A breast is and
shall always remain a plaything, a shirt stuff.
children can suck formula, it’s just as good
even. We threw multi-vitamins in. Take it
or no more aid.’ A cock walking deciding

for the mothers everywhere. Dollar is
to conventional wisdom as diaper is
to woman’s work which naturally is never
done. Isn’t that the pretty place we have
all seen in the picture books, the one
that ends with infant bodies on floors or
with flies scooting across eyelids too weak

to blink and show dismay. Bodies become
inured of the relentless propaganda and
insults. WHO are merely meek and unable
to fully appreciate what is happening. And
it was the Russian delegation stepping up,
advocating for mothers, for the hungry
children those mothers seek to nourish;
love in the time of malfeasance.

But the story does not end with lit warm
imagery for the US delegation wants sugar
to be freely available and warning free.
Obesity epidemics are either Deep State
or deep fried so come on down they holler.
Come for candy, stay for the almost milk.

Stars tonight will appeal for water, shine
bright like cool clean water for women who
cannot on their own, for children unabled.


The real reason the Trump administration went to war over breast-feeding [Washington Post]
Why the Breastfeeding Vs. Formula debate is especially critical in poor countries

Sean J. Mahoney works in geophysics. Sean helped create to the Disability Literature Consortium (, which made its physical debut at AWP16 in Los Angeles. He co-edited the 3 existing volumes of the MS benefit anthology Something On Our Minds, and works as an assistant editor for His work has been published in Occupoetry, Barking Sycamores, Nine Mile Magazine, OTV Magazine, Catamaran Literary Reader, Your Impossible Voice, and Right Hand Pointing, among others.

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