Journalism in Verse – EST. 2016


What is Civil in a War?

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Bratatat. Bratatat. Bratatat.
Their ears were a full,
And their blood-pumper
Fleeing into their head-passage.

Ratatatat. Ratatatat. Ratatatat.
The cooking of Biafra’s earth,
Breath transformed to dust,
And limbs into relics.

Who will defend Biafra?
Who will save Biafra?

In the early glass of July 6
One year plus 1966
A team like SEAL Team 6
Avenged a spin-off of January and July 1966

Boom! Boom! Boom!
Canons having their field day
Boom! Boom! Boom!
Bullets shot into their private bay

Biafra’s sun turned to a clown’s crown
Biafra’s yellow turned to brown

There was a country in the eastern side of the Green White Green
There was a maiden president of a country—the Republic of Biafra
There was a nation—stripped of a physical geograph
There was a homeland—where children starved to death
There was a realm—ravaged by an implosion

There was a fatherland—in which our Mamas imbibed their urine
There was a motherland—in which our Papas ate rodents
There was a republic—God could not save
There was a country—ravaged by a civil war
What is civil in a war?

Civil is no Victor, no Vanquished
But one side of the sword was soft;
Lo, there was a Victor.
Behold the Vanquished!



‘Nigeria army was never soft on Biafrans’ – Dani Kayode mocks President Buhari [Naija News]
Biafra shutdown cripples Nigerian cities [BBC]
Biafra: Why we’re yet to recover from pains of civil war – MASSOB [Nigeria Daily Post]

Success Akpojotor, born in Benin City, Nigeria, and a graduate of the University of Benin’s Department of History and International Studies, is a poet, novelist, short story writer, screenwriter and playwright. His works have appeared here on Poets Reading The News, USAfrica, Saraba Magazine, Kalahari Review, Heavy Feather Review, African Writer, among others.

Image by David Holt.

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