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Pueblo Sin Fronteras

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For many years as a man
I did not care
where I was to be buried.

And then I visited
a distant cemetery
for months, for years.

Where I would like to be buried
there is an iron wall
and a gate
that is locked in the evening.

Fear is the great wall
against music,

so we must flee it together,
we who want to live,
and those who travel by night—

which is to say all of us,


Poet’s Note: A group of demonstrators is walking from Los Alamitos to the border in solidarity with the caravan of Central Americans seeking asylum in the United States. I participated in small demonstration with the marchers in Orange on April 24th. The music was beautiful.


Migrant caravan arrives at US border, but long road awaits [The New York Times]
Orange County’s Los Alamitos declares exemption from CA sanctuary law [CBS]

Brian Glaser lives in Santa Ana and teaches writing at Chapman University.

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