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Aggravated Rape in the Pre-Dawn

in Identity/MeToo by

(Aggravated: “to make heavier”)


she has a new body now, foreign
and heavy – it is difficult to get it out
of bed – at times impossible to drag

it into the light when all it wants
is to sink back into its own shadow

family members struggle to recognize
her since the metamorphosis – friends
feel crushed under the gravity of her

in the courtroom
he said he was sorry
he said she was courageous

the words carried no weight – took flight
from his mouth, flew around her face

like a murder of hungry black crows
coming to rest on the crown of her head
a nest of stones in her hair



Former MIT student apologizes to assault victim for ‘inexcusable behavior’ [WBUR]
Man who admitted raping a woman will get no jail time [Carbonated.TV]

Lianne Kamp resides in Boston, Massachusetts.  Her poems have been published in assorted print anthologies and on-line publications including: Tuck Magazine, Rattle, Scarlet Leaf Review, Poetry Quarterly, Inwood Indiana, Haiku Journal, Three Line Poetry, and Tanka Journal.  She writes poetry to make her world-view more panoramic by examining it more closely.