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How to Occupy Yourself on Day Three of the U.S. Government Shutdown

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A drilling rig has exploded in Oklahoma. Five people are missing.
Try to imagine who these people are. Were they employees
of the drilling company, visitors to the work site, such as family,
or students on a school field trip, were they new hires
or old veterans, union members, Republicans, Democrats,
or Independents. Might they have enjoyed…
This $2000 luxury caviar & lobster frittata puts your avocado toast to shame.
Try to imagine the scrumptious salinity, the mouthful
of sea-ness, the average cost / value per bite, per swallow.
Whether the contributing fish immediately missed her eggs
or would go on a misdirected search for her young late in life.
Guess how many eggs are in a can of $1500 caviar.
Imagine who walks into a restaurant with this entrée
on their mind for supper. What sort of people…
Check out this list of serial killers and their astrological signs.
Try to imagine a stubborn serial killer, a giving one.
One that’s intuitive or seems usually extroverted.
Imagine having something in common with a monster
besides a born-on date, a few stars and moons. How about
a favorite style of pizza or color, a preferred grade of gasoline
down at the corner convenient store, a famous frittata recipe
handed down by your recently deceased mother.

If the government shutdown drags on, it could take a bite out of the economy [Vox]
Congress approves plan to end shutdown, reopen government [CNN]

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Image by Jomar Thomas.

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