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Just Outside Varby Gard

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He reached into the brambles
along the metro
& found a hand grenade:

small cast-off armed

wild flower seed
about to bloom.

He was immediately thousands.

His partner turned on her bike
to seefeelhear the blast
as the wind left her lungs
like gusting snow.

Under shook layers of
concrete & dirt
the subway thundered the earth

as she left amid sirens
streaking the streets

& he dispersed
like a flock of crows
into the morning.



Stockholm metro explosion: Man killed after picking up suspected hand grenade [The Independent]

Collin Spinney is a working poet from New Hampshire via Portland, OR. He graduated from Hamilton College in 2016 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Poetry and is currently working on a manuscript centered on work and labor.

Image by Pontus Lundahl/ TT .

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