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In Contradiction to the Commander’s Standards and Wishes [AUDIO]

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I base my poetry on science
in contradiction to the commander’s standards and wishes
I sing of diverse transgender fetuses
write evidence-based verse
in praise of science-based wonders
rhyme “vulnerable” with “beautiful”
while capitol millionaires line their pockets
with non-chlorophyllic green
and almost forget to CHIP the children
in their trickle-down amnesia.

I base my poetry on science
in consideration with community standards and wishes
based on faith
in reason
in empathy
in data
in compassion
in knowledge
in questioning

in resistance.



CHIP Funding Extended to March, Healthcare for 9 Million Children at Stake [FOX 17]
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Tara Campbell is a fiction editor at Barrelhouse and an MFA candidate at American University. Prior publication credits include The Establishment, McSweeney’s Internet Tendency, SmokeLong Quarterly, Masters Review, Jersey Devil Press, Page & Spine, FIVE:2:ONE, Heavy Feather Review, and Quail Bell Magazine. Her debut novel, TreeVolution, was published in 2016, and her collection, Circe’s Bicycle, will be released Spring 2018.

Photo by Angelo Juan Ramos.

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