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Looking through a misty window
I feel the chill of gentle showers
sprinkling all through two days
and a night, a drizzle triggered
by a rogue cyclone 450 miles away,
battering, kneading, whipping
through land with needless power
of his rolling watery arms.

I feel the pain of loss –
losing loved ones, belongings,
houses, and fellow beings
people agonizing with outstretched,
overworked, slender, sunburnt
hands, the vulnerable poor
sandbags to rages of all kinds,
living ether-like vacant lives.

Yet again, I feel the pain of loss –
countless birds, cats, dogs, farm
animals, creepers, creatures,
that are washed away into
the vast, vast ocean taking
leave, without a single pair
of eyes wet with a single
drop of tear or a groan.

In suddenness, I hear the wailing wind
whistling wolfish sad tune, heavily
I bid them all a silent adieu.



Month after Cyclone Ockhi, pain lingers in Kamala hamlets [The Economic Times of India]
Cyclone Ockhi has affected Lakshadweep’s marine biodiversity, minister informs Lok Sabha [Times of India]

Thriveni C Mysore is a science teacher from Karnataka, India. She is locally acknowledged for her critical writings on Philosophy, Ethics and Education. She loves Nature poetry and holds Environmental Awareness Lectures for school children. She has been previously published on Poets Reading the News. 

Photo by Harshad Sharma.

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