Journalism in Verse – EST. 2016


The Trauma of Working People

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Let us take from you the alms
That you may offer,
So we will be full
And content.

Our children may prosper if they learn
The lessons you provide. We know we have
failed, as you have not languished but rather
Thrived enough to make the rules.

We grind the
Grains to rough bread,
as you grind the dollars
to suit your purposes.

We wait for your
Holy instruction.

Let us know how we may serve you better, and
Please give us no concern, as we are those who
Work, and the trauma of working people is borne
In our silence and solemn faces.



Senate Passes Sweeping Tax Bill in Early Hours of Saturday Morning [CNN]
Trump Waffles on Size of Corporate Tax Cut, Hours After Senate GOP Passes Bill That Met His Demands [The Washington Post]
While Everything Falls Apart, Imagine How You’ll Explain to Your Son Why You Had to Leave Graduate School [Poets Reading the News]

Ernest Gordon Taulbee is a writer who lives in Louisville, KY. His work has appeared in several literary journals and is scheduled to appear in a few more. 

Photo by Kevin Dooley.

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