Journalism in Verse – EST. 2016


Polar Bear

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And how can you deny the bones of them,
the sharp angle of pain across an iceless landscape.

Barren ground of mighty beast made spare and cadaverous,
the tundra shifts, an expanse of war and distance.

And how can we bear to be indifferent,
to see each quiet survival as anything but
a white orison from the wild to mankind.

Do you see freedom? The shape of our dreaming
arched, a crooked form shook by arctic wind,
we took what roared, was brilliant,

and laid it to waste. The earth grieves in high tide
and another polar bear is made body and still.


Heart-Wrenching Video Shows Starving Polar Bear on Iceless Land [National Geographic]
Arctic Sea Ice News & Analysis [National Snow and Ice Data Center]
Increased Sea Ice Drift Puts Polar Bears on Faster Moving Treadmill [U.S. Geological Survey]

Rebekah Miron is a Creative Writing Masters student at the University of Cambridge, UK. She was Editor of The Mays Anthology XXIV, Editor for Cambridge Creatives in 2016 and also a Junior Editor at Rainy Fiction in 2014, previously led by poetry collective Thirteen Pages. Her creative work has been published by The Cadaverine, The Kindling Journal, Miracle E-Zine, INK, The Bind Collective, Notes and featured onstage at The Cambridge Junction. 

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