May the New Year Be Good

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May the year to come be good to you and those you love.

May the tormented find peace,
the homeless refuge,
the greedy become generous.

May care replace neglect,
unity replace division,
love replace hate.

May our leaders be wise.

May we see that with each simple act we change the world.

May our acts be kind.


Melissa Rendlen, after thirty-seven years as a practicing urgent care physician has moved into semi-retirement. It has given her the opportunity to return to writing poetry and she has been honored to have work in The Missing Slate, Plath Poetry Project, Indolent books What Rough Beast, L’Ephemere, Rising Phoenix Review, Ink in Thirds, GFT Press, Still Crazy and Writing Raw. Her work with Tupelo Press as a 30/30 poet and conference attendee has been instrumental in her growth as a poet.

Photo by Alice Donovan Rouse.